With a roster of battle-tested brand strategists, jedi account warriors, and design ninjas - we’ve got the crew you need for your voyage.


Kristin Johansen
CEO & Curator

With experience at top agencies in NYC and SF, KJ started out in PR (brand analyst) and moved on to Advertising (strategist) in pursuit of a greater focus on the creative aspects of the industry. Drawing inspiration from a huge range of sources, she curates attention [[in the form of content, energy, language, people, art, design, sound & experiences]] to bring conscious business practices into the forefront of our human experience. 

It is her intention to build a roster of high vibration, sustainably focused companies that are actively contributing to their local communities and are dedicated to aiding the transition into the next level of human consciousness. 

From data analytics to custom content creation, Kristin breathes brand strategy and sweats ideas. A digital native, she is fluent on every social/digital platform after spending time running holistically focused brand initiatives for small businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. Past clients include: L’Oreal, Nike, Verizon, P&G, Ugg & many more. 

You can find Kristin in Grass Valley or Maui; otherwise, find and her and her mobile art gallery (NESNAHØJ) all summer at events in California and the Pacific Northwest. Check out her Etsy shop for otherwordly accessories and fashion.

The Hive

Multi-talented, multi-faceted, fully illuminated, warriors of the light - the humans that work together to manifest your business success

Kate Blumetti
Art Director & Designer

Jeremy Maher
Strategist & Brand Manager

Leana Marcus
Account Mananger & Executive Assistant

Now Hiring

Social Media Guru

Are you a social pro, itching for a remote, entry-level position? Can you handle calendars, post production, copy editing, and file organization? Are you generally awesome and fun to work with? We want to talk to you! 



  • College degree or equivalent work experience, preferably in Business/Marketing/Communications
  • At least 1 year professional work experience (preferably 3+), internships do not apply
  • Proficiency (or MASTERY!!!) of Adobe Suite (specifically Photoshop & Illustrator)
  • Obsessed with social media and is the first to know about any industry news
  • Can tell me what Mark Zuckerberg's top priorities are in 2017 and what that means for brands who utilize social media, as well as what he ate for breakfast
  • Loves cats
    • Remember... social media = cat photos


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